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1796, Paul Groscop, Charles Shoemaker Peter Frailey, Wil?
We are in want offeree, and money; we require aid.This is the case of the treasurers, secretaries, and general agents of some societies, whose business is very exten- sive.The smoke, and the noise of the burning roof, wakened one of the children, who aroused the other inmates instantly.He w is much esteemed as a sound Divine, and a man of undoubted piety, by all surrounding denominations.In the aflernoon hastened to another appointment, eight miles *Prov.Not onlj onerous taxes, but also a portion of the time and labor of its subjects, they naturally cherished in the minds of their descendants, a lofty spirit of freedom.The former, the Indians called otachraquara, and the latter ocknanada.The popularity, deservedly acquired by Gen.The following letter written, in this township, may be inter-, esting to some of the readers here ithougb not exactly i7i place.Two steam engine factories, two loco- motive factories, and seven stationary, of all kinds the whole number of horse power of all the engines made, is one hundred and ninety horse power : gross value of engines manufactured, thirty-five thousand dollars twelve hundred tons.Long-swamp is boimded on the north-east by Lehigh comity south-east by Hereford township, south by District and Rock- land, north-west by Maxatawny; mean length about five miles, and breadth four and a half; containing nearly fourteen thousand acres of land, somewhat hilly, especially the north-eastern.Formerly, and till within a few years, the Jahr Markts, or Till' oiu'i Hoivse aTieadiiid history OF berks AND lebanon counties.

"illstory OF berks AND lebanon COtJiftlES.20* history OF berks AND lebanon counties.Michael Schlatler, Visitor General.* In 1755, during the alarms on the frontiers, Weiser was ap- pointed Colonel of a regiment of volunteers from Berks county.I will go and join Gen.255 part of Hereford, and the north-eastern part of Colebrookdale For the names of the first settlers of this part of Berks county, the reader is referred to Hereford and Colebrookdale town-?Whole number of shoemakers, not general man- ufacturers, two hundred and seventy-two; tailors, one hundred and eighty-five; weavers, seventy-four; hatters, ninety-five; butchers, forty-two; watchmakers, eighteen; blacksmiths, one hundred and ninety-four; whitesmiths, seven; carpenters, two hundred and sixty; wheelwrights, seventy-seven; printers, ten ; book-binders, one.46' tiation of the elements of bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ, at or before the consecration thereof by any person whatsoever, and that the invocation or adoration of the Virgin Mary chemnitz erotikkontakt or any other saint, and the sacrifice of the.The station was called Bethel.It is owned.To the throne, and his early mar- riage with Mary, Queen of Scotland.A plantation wagon, plough and gears, 2, 10, A cutting knife and steel,.
Two years ago, I was sent by the Governor to Shamokin, on account ol the unhappy death of John Armstrong, the In- dian trader, (1744.) After I had performed my errand, there was a feast prepared, to which the Governor's messengers were invited; there were.
Kneagy, Dewald Jabinger, Jlbraham Ch'ove, Jacob Wagoner, Adatn Snider, Jacob Miller, Jacob Carner, JVicholas Benner, Casper Hisler, Frederick Tibbin, Jno.