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Haskell, first Governor of Oklahoma., sq mi (,494 km2) Hughes County 063 Holdenville 1907 Choctaw Nation and Creek Nation lands William.
"Alfalfa Bill" Murray., sq mi (,083 km2) Muskogee County 101 Muskogee 1907 Muskogee District of Creek Nation and part of Illinois and Canadian Districts of Cherokee Nation 55 Muskogee Nation of Indians., sq mi (,108 km2) Noble County 1 County P in Oklahoma Territory.
"Payne County." Retrieved March 29, 2012.
Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture : "Nowata County." Retrieved October 1, 2011.Ponca city, OK initiative, norman, OK community center INC, newkirk, OK 19,687 records found.Retrieved May, Jon.Archived from the original.Custer, United States Army cavalry commander during the Indian Wars., sq mi (,556 km2) Delaware County 0elaware District of Cherokee Nation Delaware Nation of Indians., sq mi (,919 km2) Dewey County 0 Cheyenne-Arapaho Reservation Admiral George Dewey, hero of the SpanishAmerican War.,000 sq mi (,590 km2)."Ottawa County." Retrieved February 16, 2009.Mills.,142 sq mi (,958 km2) Rogers County 131 Claremore 1907 Cooweescoowee District, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory 67 Clem."Pontotoc County." Retrieved September 29, 2013."Origin of County Names in Oklahoma", Chronicles of Oklahoma 2:1 (March 1924) 7582 (retrieved August 18, 2006) "P1 Population Total All counties within Oklahoma".Jump to page: EIN, nAME, location DAY ranch rescue AND rural oklahoma animal resource INC 1 DAY ranch rescue.These counties were designated numerically, first through seventh.Only two date for having sex counties have been formed since then."Pawnee County" Retrieved February 26 2011 Newsome,.3, according to the, oklahoma Constitution, a county can be disorganized if the sum of all taxable property is less than two and a half million dollars.

Hughes, member of the Oklahoma Constitutional Convention 2., sq mi (,090 km2) Jackson County 0 Greer County Either Stonewall Jackson, Confederate general during the American Civil War 43 or Andrew Jackson, seventh President of the United States., sq mi (,080 km2) Jefferson County 0 Comanche.Oklahoma's postal abbreviation is, oK and its, fIPS state code.Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History Culture.A b c d e f "Origin of County Names in Oklahoma".Most harassing phone numbers in OK, report harassing phone number. Page 1 of 1,790.If so, then a petition must be signed by one-fourth of the population and then a vote would occur.Major, member of the Oklahoma Constitutional Convention., sq mi (,479 km2) Marshall County 0 Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory 51 The maiden name of a member of the Constitutional Convention's mother., sq mi ( km2) Mayes County 0line District, Cherokee Nation 52 Cherokee leader Samuel.Established 6, origin Etymology 7 Density Population 8 Area 6 Map Adair County 001 Stilwell 1907 Cherokee lands 9 William Penn Adair, Cherokee tribal leader and Confederate colonel in the American Civil War., sq mi (,492 km2) Alfalfa County 003 Cherokee 1907 Woods County William.
"Washington County." 3 O'Dell, Larry.

Payne, the key figure in opening Oklahoma to white settlement 112., sq mi (,777 km2) Pittsburg County 121 McAlester 1907 Choctaw Nation land 62 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.,306 sq mi (,383 km2) Pontotoc County 1 Chickasaw Nation 63 Pontotoc is a Chickasaw word meaning cat tails growing on the prairie.