Sex heute Abend eine bazz lyrics

Bangin' the head board.
Let's kill him Ya'll niggaz sound crazy Bzzz Chorus Buzzin my names and the streets be Bzzz Buzzin the speakers and the jeeps be Bzzz Buzzin til I kill your mother, your brother three or four of your cousins like it's nothin' Bzzz Buzzin'.Up and at em bauer sucht frau 2014 quotenmeter til tomorrow while I choose my fate There be dudes lokale Nachrichten in hornchurch essex that I pay while I move wit' my rank yeah Move wit' my weight yeah Do whoever ain't playin' yeah There lonely player, only shoes in the paint Imma go until.Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa ne Party heut Nacht Translation Ooh feel the rhythm, baby Wheres a party?Bangin the head board.Phallyc signs hang from the ceiling.Häng nicht zu Hause rum, ich weiß was ich.Wir geben ne Party (Oh yeah).
Rhymin' to be caught in a chalk outline.

Talk that, spark that nine shh, walk that fine.Royce Da 5'9, yeah!Add it to our wiki.Turn her over pin her down, twist her like a pretzel teach her how to wrestle.Cause she's insisted the way we love is twisted.Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa ne Party heut Nacht, hab son Gefühl im Bauch, ich find heut den Mann.Im above, telling you white lies.Besser wir vergessen die, come on, lets dance.In the back chillin that'll be quiet.I'm feeling my tongue touched.