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Deputies are elected for sexuelle Gesundheit Klinik Potsdam a four-year imaginäre Freunde bis ins Erwachsenenalter term via closed-list proportional representation system.
Data for the seat share of the alliance that this party belong to is detailed in D5004_A.
Election study notes - philippines(2016 D3021_ Respondents' mentions of district candidates were coded with code 90 due to missing or unknown party affiliations.
Xhosa (south africa) 141.10,500 - 20,000 KES election study notes - latvia (2011 D2020 Analysts should be aware that the Latvian election study deviates from the cses convention.Election study notes - slovakia (2016 D5065 Slovakia uses the Hagenbach-Bischoff method to distribute seats, a variant of the D'Hondt system.164 stipulates the need to establish common principles and guidelines ensuring the confidentiality of data used for the production of European statistics and the access to those confidential data with due account for technical developments and the requirements of users in a democratic society.The proportion of seats tallies to to 100 for Romania by taking into account parties A-E.Missing variable notes: D2031 Instead of using the cses-schema, some countries employ the amount of inhabitants for the size of respondent's place of residence.Election study notes - latvia (2011 D2033 cses Code Election Study Code/Category 810.Only parties contesting seats in the 2015 election are counted.Never or practically never Varies too much to say Less often.Contact email address, contact phone number, contact fax number.Definition: Military expenditures data are derived from the nato definition, which includes all current and capital expenditures on the armed forces, including peacekeeping forces; defense ministries and other government agencies engaged in defense projects; paramilitary forces, if these are judged to be trained and equipped.
None." cses Code Election Study Code/Category 1298.
Missing variable notes: D3003_2 Data are unavailable for canada (2011 canada (2015 and taiwan (2012).

Election study notes - slovenia (2011 D5025 This was sex treffem an early election.SEE election study notes 441.Full time working.Ucayali election study notes - philippines (2010 D2028 The regions of residence had been the baseline for the Philippine sampling process (for further details, see Part 6 of the Codebook).It also details the polity's for which no data for that particular variable are available.Election study notes - japan (2013 D5043 The current Japanese cses election study is concerned with the Upper House elections of 2013.Election study notes - iceland (2013 D2005 Membership to one kind of association - trade union, farmers business, or professional association does not exclude membership in any of the other types.
D2024 religious services attendance D22.
We report such deviations below in tables (where appropriate) or in election study notes.