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Fresh water is light and floats on the surface, while salty water is heavy and sinks Saltiest bodies of water Don Juan Pond in Victoria Land, Antarctica.Pictures were taken along the Rio Negro in Brazil last year using camera-mounted three wheeled bicycles that have cameras that continuously snap images in every direction.Tablet Feed, support the Show: Show Notes: Hiking the Amazon, the low down, the project began about two years ago and became available on Wed.Street View Highlights, amazon forest trail, main Section of the Rio NEgro river.Visit the Amazon on World Forest Day with hornymatches Silber Street View @ Google Official Blog.YouTube, mP3 Feed, ogg Feed iTunes Feed, hD Feed, mobile Feed.
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Lake Assal (Djibouti) in central-eastern Djibouti, Garabogazkol in Turkmenistan, and the Dead Sea on the border of Jordan and Israel Multimedia video : image gallery: @ image : @ Further Reading / In the News Salinity @ nasa.