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You seem quite rash to reprimand me; though I was only asking a question.
I see it state "or this website" - I was experiencing a problem with the website - the problem being that ALL ratings for m had disappeared as though it had been wiped clean.Reputation is dynamic, constantly changes when ratings are detected.Ratings are not "equal in WOT one persons ratings may be valued higher or lower than another user - see WOT Wiki: Rating Reliability.The forum categories' description states: Get help from the community if you're experiencing problems with the add-on or this website.I assumed this was a support issue.Ratings do not last "forever" they fade away in time; however revisiting a rated site "refreshes" your ratings, resetting the time clock so to speak.FYI, this is a support forum for the WOT add-on you should have posted this discussion in the Reputation Discussions forum, or the Site Evaluation forum if you are the domain owner; it helps to read the forum descriptions _before_ creating topics, as is expected.As for the domain, Both the IP and the domain name drops cookies, the IP simply redirects, it should not track users.I personally decline to offer ratings at this time.Edit, did You Know?Edit, personal Details, alternate Names: David Will Coussins Davy Coussins, height: 6' 2" (1.88 m).VBulletin has built-in privacy and Terms templates, it appears the Admin declined to use them / allow the links to display.Trivia: David was a finalist for the 2013 Australians in Film : Heath Ledger Scholarship.Please check the FAQ first.Star Sign: Gemini, getting Started, contributor Zone contribute to This Page.Ich würd ja gern.
David, will, coussins Davy Coussins.
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