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He will mention the robot at Cerulean, and dating in mumbai Indien then will agree to wo kann ich deutsche frauen kennenlernen write the program for 150 caps, advising the player character that it will take a couple days.
50 Quest finished Return to James Garret.
Behind the scenes Edit The name of this quest is a reference to " The Wang Dang Taffy-Apple Tango a pop song written.For Old Ben, the Courier will need 50 Speech or the Confirmed Bachelor or Black Widow perk.Sprache 35, Feilschen 35 oder eine Flasche, absinth.James' dialogue upon being informed about Fisto implies that it is for his own "interests." If the Courier has bad reputation in Freeside they cannot complete this quest via holotape, as Ralph will refuse to talk to them, therefore not letting the Courier buy the.Diese befindet sich in einem durchschnittlich verschlossenen Schrank in der rechten Ecke des Hauptraumes.Das eingefleischter Junggeselle "-Perk.14 The sexbot was destroyed.When she agrees, the Courier can either head to the Atomic Wrangler to get paid for the first escort or find the other two first.
If the player does not have.

Recruit a real ghoul cowboy Edit The ghoul wearing a cowboy outfit is Beatrix Russell at The Old Mormon Fort.Er bezahlt einen und die Quest ist beendet.35 Tell James Garret Beatrix will be joining the Wrangler.Menu, xbox 360, role-Playing, western-Style, sex bot?Ps3 xbox360 If one asks Ralph for the holotape and then uploads the program to Fisto by passing the Science check, the holotape will become stuck in the Courier's inventory as a quest item.Pc xbox360 If one recruits Santiago before Old Ben but still recruits Old Ben afterwards using the 50 speech option, he will make his way to the Atomic Wrangler yet will not work there, and payment cannot be received for recruiting him; however, if one.Hat man sich in das Terminal eingeloggt, muss man ein Programm starten.When the Courier reports back to Garret and selects Old Ben as the suave talker they will get an additional 500.Er erwähnt den Roboter in Cerulean Robotics und akzeptiert das Schreiben eines Holobandes, wofür er 150 Kronkorken verlangt.Terminal dazu ist durchschnittlich verschlossen (benötigt Wissenschaft 50).Schwarze Witwe "-Perk bzw.
Man kann zwar beide Leute überzeugen, bekommt jedoch nur für einen die Belohnung.
With all three escorts found, head back to speak to James about payment.